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Symposium "Material Synthesis in Ionic liquids and Interfacial Processes"


Short description

On behalf of the organising committee, we would like to invite you to the symposium on material synthesis in ionic liquids and interfacial processes. This international symposium will provide an exciting opportunity to discuss both fundamental and applied research findings in the field of ionic liquids.
The major focus of the symposium would be to explore the possibility of material synthesis in ionic liquids with unique
properties and the importance of the interfacial phenomena at the electrode/electrolyte in ionic liquids will be discussed.

The meeting will cover a wide range of topics related to the following scope:

  • Material Synthesis in Ionic Liquids
  • Electrochemistry in Ionic Liquids
  • Interfacial Processes in Ionic Liquids

  • Date 13/04/2016 - 15/04/2016
    External web-site SMSILIP
    Venue Hotel DER ACHTERMANN
    Rosentorstraße 20
    38640 Goslar
    Organising committee Dr. Natalia Borisenko (Clausthal University of Technology)
    Dr. Abhishek Lahiri (Clausthal University of Technology)
    Invited speakers Prof. Dr. Frank Endres (Institute of Electrochemistry, TU-Clausthal)
    Prof. Dr. Markus Antonietti (Director, Max Planck Institute of Colloid and Interface)
    Ass.-Prof. Dr. Christian Schröder (Department of Computational Biological Chemistry, University of Vienna)
    Dr. Florian Maier ( Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg)
    Prof. Dr. Christoph Janiak (Department of Bioinorganic Chemistry, Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf)
    Presentations Preparation of Silver-Carbon Nanotubes Composites with Plasma (Prof. Janiak)
    Ionic Liquids at Surfaces and Interfaces (Dr. Maier)
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    13/04/2016   2.00 p. m. Welcoming Coffee and Registration
      3.00 p. m. Opening session
      3.15 p. m. Synthesis of Unconventional Nanomaterials with ILs and PILs,
                       Prof. Dr. Markus Antonietti (MPI KGF)
      4.15 p. m. Resource-Efficient High-Yield Ionothermal Synthesis of Microcrystalline Cu3-xP,
                       Alexander Wolff (TU Dresden)
      4.35 p. m. Nucleation of Cu in Ionic Liquids,
                       Dr. Paul-Henri Haumesser (CEA LETI MINATEC)
      6.00 p. m. Dinner at the hotel
    14/04/2016   9.00 a. m. Material Synthesis in Ionic Liquids – with a Focus on Metal Nanoparticles,
                       Prof. Dr. Christoph Janiak (HHU Düsseldorf)
    10.00 a. m. Preparation of Silver-Carbon Nanotubes Composites with Plasma
                       Electrochemistry, Dr. Oliver Höfft (TU Clausthal)
    10.20 a. m. Influence of the Degree of Deprotonation of [EMIM]x[H2-xbdc] on the Synthesis of
                       is-MIL-53(Al), Johannes Schwegler, Marcus Fischer (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)
    10.40 a. m. Coffee break
    11.10 a. m. Ionic Liquids at Charged Biological Interfaces,
                       Prof. Dr. Christian Schröder (TU Vienna)
    12.10 p. m. Activity of Carbenes in Ionic Liquids,
                       Dr. Oldamur Hollóczki (Universität Bonn)
    12.30 p. m. Inorganic Material in Ionic Liquids from Theoretical Considerations,
                       Roman Elfgen (Universität Bonn)
      1.00 p. m. Lunch at the hotel
      2.30 p. m. Ionic Liquids at Surfaces and Interfaces,
                       Dr. Florian Maier (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)
      3.30 p. m. Studying the Interaction of Ionic Liquids with Solid Surfaces in Ultrahigh Vacuum,
                       Mark Olschewski (TU Clausthal)
      3.50 p. m. IRAS Study of Cobalt Metal and Oxide Nanostructures Embedded in Ionic Liquids,
                       Tanja Bauer (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)
      4.10 p. m. Nanostructure of the Ionic Liquid–Graphite Stern Layer,
                       Prof. Dr. Rob Atkin (University of Newcastle)
      4.40 p. m. Hanging posters
      5.00 p. m. Poster session & snacks
    15/04/2016   9.00 a. m. Electrodeposition of Rare Earth Metals from Ionic Liquids,
                       Prof. Dr. Oliver Schneider (TU München)
      9.30 a. m. Electrochemical Characterization of Au(poly)|BMMImNTf2 and Au
                       (poly)|2,2’-BP+ BMMImNTf2 Interfaces,
                       Dr. Liis Siinor (Université libre de Bruxelles)
      9.50 a. m. Modification of Bi(111) Electrode Surface by Adsorption of Bromide and Iodide
                       Anions from Ionic Liquids, Carolin Siimenson (University of Tartu)
    10.10 a. m. Studies on the Spectroscopic and Electrochemical behavior of Zinc acetate in
                       1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium Acetate and its Mixtures with Water for Zinc
                       Electrodeposition, Maryam Shapouri Ghazvini (TU Clausthal)
    10.30 a. m. Coffee break
    11.00 a. m. 20 Years of Ionic Liquid Electrochemistry – a Personal View,
                       Prof. Dr. Frank Endres (TU Clausthal)
    12.00 a. m. Electrodeposition of Refractory Metals in Room Temperature Ionic Liquids,
                       Prof. Dr. Andreas Bund (TU Ilmenau FG EDG)
    12.30 p. m. Lunch at the hotel
    13.30 p. m. Closing session






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