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Mentoring for schoolgirls in the STEM disciplines

      The main objective of the student mentoring programme is to inform young women about their study opportunities in the technical fields or natural sciences and to encourage them to pursue a degree in these fields.

      The mentoring is supposed to support schoolgirls in forms 9 - 12 in choosing a degree in the STEM field. For this purpose, the students at the TU Dresden provide patronage for them. A mentoring network at the intersection between school and university is supposed to introduce the future curriculum content of a STEM discipline to the participants and to provide a realistic insight into life as a university student.

      In the period of time from 01/01/2015 to 31/12/2015, two courses in the context of the programme “Mentoring for schoolgirls in the STEM disciplines” will be offered: a winter course (January to May) and a summer course (June to December). The SPP 1708 contributes to the mentoring programme for five schoolgirls in each course.

      During the calendar year 2016, there are again two courses for 7 schoolgirls in each offered.


      You can learn more about the Mentoring Programme of the TU Dresden here.








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