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General Information


      Promoting equal opportunities for men and women is of special importance to the DFG and rooted in its statutes.

      To help accomplish this goal, this module can be used to request funds for targeted measures to promote gender equality in science and academia and to help researchers combine career and family.

      DFG-Funds for Equal Opportunities can be Applied to the Following Measures:

        a) Career development for female colleagues

          • (participation) fee for mentoring programmes

          • (participation) fee for soft skills training; management training; continuing education workshops etc.

          • (participation) fee for coaching courses

          • (participation) fee for participation in or building of research networks

          • office assistant for organising of career development measures

        b) Compatibility of family & academic career

          • family services (e. g. child-care placement)

          • child-care during events organised by the research network

          • funding for mobile teachers or babysitting services (only for times outside normal child-care hours or
            on special occasions such as illness)

          • holiday child-care if regular child-care is unavailable

          • co-financing of child-care centres (purchase of child-care hours/ contribution to staff costs/contribution to
            establishment and equipment) to allow for more flexible operating hours or to expand the range of activities
            for babies and toddlers

          • establishment and operation of home offices

          • setting up of parent-child room

          • funding of staff relieving academics with family commitments of the routine tasks in their working field

        c) Miscellaneous

          • gender sensitivity training

          • development of a manual/website on equal opportunity measures

          • events such as Girls’days, junior academies/summer schools for girls

          • mentoring between tertiary and secondary students

          • additional office supplies for the organisation of equal opportunity measures


      Compiled on the basis of DFG form 2.22-6/12 // DFG form 1.42-6/12 // DFG form 50.06-6/12 // DFG form 52.14-10/11








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