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Workshop "Synthetic Methods"


The first SPP 1708 Workshop for PhD candidates as well as for postdoctoral researchers took place on 18/02/2015-21/02/2015 in Radisson Blue Hotel
in Rostock. A total of 47 people participated in it. The local organisers succeeded in attracting internationally renowned scientists such as
Prof. Ingo Krossing, Prof. Joao A.P. Coutinho, Prof. Carlos A. Nieto de Castro, Dr. Peter Nockemann and Dr. Peter Schulz as guest speakers.
Besides, the young researchers had an opportunity to present their first results: either in form of an oral talk or of a poster.

Short description The workshop deals with four topics:


  • synthesis of solid materials in ionic liquids

  • nanoparticle synthesis in ionic liquids

  • analytical and purity aspects of synthesis in ionic liquids

  • physical and chemical aspects of synthesis in ionic liquids

    Date 18/02/2015 - 20/02/2015
    Venue Radisson Blu Hotel
    Lange Strasse, 40
    18055 Rostock
    Registration by 15/12/2014
    Submit abstracts by 09/01/2015
    18/02/2015 8:00 p. m. Get-together
    Radisson Blu Hotel
    on the Panorama Deck (the topmost floor)

    19/02/2015 09:00 a. m. Welcoming address

    Analytics and Purity in Ionic Liquids

    09:15 a. m. Talk Dr. Peter Schulz (Erlangen)
    10:15 a. m. Coffee break
    10:45 a. m. Talk Susann Wegner (Düsseldorf)
    11:30 p. m. Lunch


    Physical-Chemical Properties of ILs affecting Synthesis

    12:45 p. m. Talk Prof. Ingo Krossing (Freiburg)
    01:45 p. m. Talk Maria Kaliner (Dresden)
    02:15 p. m. Coffee break
    02:45 p. m. Talk Prof. Joao A.P. Coutinho (Aveiro)
    03:45 p. m. Poster session (Finger food)
    06:30 p. m. Dinner

    20/02/2015 Nano-Particles in Ionic Liquids

    09:00 a. m. Talk Prof. Carlos A. Nieto de Castro (Lisbon)
    10:00 a. m. Coffee break/ Poster session
    10:30 a. m. Talk Karsten Klauke (Düsseldorf)
    11:00 a. m. Talk Ahed Abouserie (Potsdam)
    11:30 a. m. Lunch


    Synthesis of Solid Materials in Ionic Liquids

    12:30 p. m. Talk Dr. Peter Nockemann (Belfast)
    01:30 p. m., Talk Janine Zahlbach (Clausthal)
    02:00 p. m. Coffee break
    02:30 p. m., Talk Jana Weßing (Bochum)
    03:00 p. m. Discussion & farewell
    Presentations Prof. Carlos A. Nieto de Castro
    IoNanofluids – Synthesis, Properties and Applications
    Prof. Joao A.P. Coutinho
    Trend Shift: The Impact of the Nanostructure on the Behavior of Ionic Liquids
    Prof. Ingo Krossing
    What Can We Learn from Ionic Liquids with Weakly Coordinating Anions …
    Dr. Peter Nockemann
    Ionic Liquids for Inorganic and Materials Synthesis
    Dr. Peter Schulz
    Analytics and Purity in Ionic Liquids
    Ahed Abouserie
    Ionic Liquid Precursors for Multicomponent Inorganic Nanomaterials
    Maria Kaliner
    Synthesis of Tunable Aryl Alkyl Ionic Liquids for Low-Temperature Reactions
    Karsten Klauke
    Bis((dialkylamino)alkylselenolato)- metalcomplexes as Precursors in the Syntheses of Metal Selenide Nanoparticles in [BMIm][BF4]
    Susann Wegner
    Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Fluoride Based Ionic Liquids by Ion Chromatography
    Jana Weßing
    Organo(inter)metallics Precursor Development for Bimetallic Nanoparticle Synthesis in Ionic Liquids
    Accommodation We have reserved rooms at Radisson Blu Hotel for all participants.
    Thus, an additional booking by the guest is not required.
    To get checked in for the hotel, just specify the title of the workshop as well as your name.
    Check-in is possible as of 04:00 p. m.






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