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Mercator Fellow

      Source: Queen's University Belfast


      In the Summer Semester 2015, Dr. Peter Nockemann takes up the Mercator visiting professorship in the SPP 1708.

      The scientist from the Queen's University Belfast is available for advice to the members of the priority programme in his function as Mercator-Fellow during two months. Thus, he will play an active part in the sub-projects as well as enable an intensive exchange between the researchers. Dr. Nockemann has already visited the SPP 1708 as he was a keynote speaker of the first workshop for the young scientists which took place in Rostock from the 18/02/2015 through 20/02/2015.

      Many established functional materials are oxides. Unfortunately, in the sense of low-temperature solution chemistry, their high lattice energy causes low solubility. One objective of the SPP 1708 is the development of oxide chemistry in ionic liquids. Dr. Peter Nockemann, Lecturer an der School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Queen’s University, Belfast, U.K, is one of the most internationally visible protagonists in this field. He was one of the first researchers to developed promising approaches to tackle oxide chemistry in ionic liquids.
      Dr. Nockemann published already more than 100 scientific publications on his key research areas coordination chemistry in ionic liquids, nanomaterials as well as heterobimetallic complexes and materials.

      With its module “Mercator Fellows” the DFG enables projects to pursue an intensive and long-term exchange with researchers in Germany and abroad. Fellows will partially be on site but will remain in contact with project participants even after their stay. It is a way of bringing additional expertise to the project or into the network and increasing its visibility.








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